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Slitting Machine

  • Slitting width:6~2400mm
  • Slitting material: Paper、PET、PE、cloth、non-woven cloth、Melt blown cloth
  • Material basis weight: 14~400g/m2
  • Features: The size of the slitting and the basis weight are wide, the error value can be accurate to within 0.5mm, and it can handle a variety of materials. The damaged paper tube can also be handled. The OEM delivery is fast and professional

Coating Machine

  • Coating width: 400~1150mm
  • Coating material: Paper、PET、TYVEK、Aluminum foil
  • Material basis weight: 30~100g/m2
  • Features: Can coating with EVA、Water-based coating、PSA….etc

Intaglio & Letterpress printing machine

Printing width:

Intaglio → 400~1000mm;Letterpress → 400~640mm

Printing color:

Intaglio → 5 colors;Letterpress → 2 colors

Printing material:

Intaglio → Paper、PET、OPP;Letterpress → Paper、TYVEK